If you reuse multiple-dose vaccine syringes, follow these cleaning guidelines
to help minimize injection-site infections. Dee Griffen, veterinarian with the Great PlainsVeterinaryEducationalCenter in Clay Center, Neb., suggests the following:

1. Scrub the external syringe surface with soap, water and a brush.

2. Rinse the syringe’s internal components, including tubes and connectors, with distilled water that is near boiling point (180 F.) Do not use soap or disinfectants. Their residues may kill modified-live vaccines. Draw boiling water into the syringe and squirt it out three to five times. Let the syringe cool before use.

3. Store the newly cleaned syringe in a dust-free, dry environment. Consider storing it in a new zip-lock bag in the freezer.

4. Boil vaccine transfer needles and allow them to cool before use. Store needles in a new zip-lock bag in the freezer.