While much research still needs to be done on the new vaccine for Neospora caninum, case studies have shown favorable results.

In 1997, John Zimmerman, veterinarian in Waconia, Minn., found himself dealing with a 120-cow dairy herd experiencing a high number of abortions. In fact, the herd recorded 27 abortions in 1997 and another 27 abortions in 1998, while Zimmerman tried to determine the cause of the problem.

After blood tests ruled out BVD, and testing of feeds found no mycotoxins, the diagnostic lab was able to find Neospora caninum in an aborted fetus sent in by Zimmerman. In 1999, the herd began administering a new vaccine for Neospora, developed by Intervet Inc. The results were favorable, with only four abortions occurring during the year.

If you’re experiencing Neospora abortion problems in your herd, you might consider using the product as a part of studies being conducted by Intervet. For more information have your veterinarian call (800) 441-8272.