Update your employee’s video library with these educational videos found at Penn State’s Dairy Cattle Nutrition Web site:

  • “From Feed to Milk: Understanding Rumen Function” is now available in a Spanish version. The 32-minute video explains the cow’s digestive system and how feeding management and nutrition influence its function. A corresponding online publication in English is available at the Web site: www.das.psu.edu/dcn/videos/index.html The cost is $35. To order, call (877) 345-0691, or send e-mail to agpubsdist@psu.edu.
  • “From Calf to Heifer: Understanding Rumen Development” explains the development of a calf’s rumen. It covers topics such as colostrum management, liquid feeding systems and grain feeding methods. Photos show the impact of feeding and nutrition on rumen development. In addition, close-up pictures of a calf’s stomach compartments are available at the Web site listed above. To order, mail a check for $35, payable to The Pennsylvania State University, to Jud Heinrichs, Penn State University, 314 Henning Bldg., University Park, Pa. 16802, or send e-mail to jheinrichs@das.psu.edu