At Schneider Dairy Farm in Fowler, Mich., a yearly public relations budget is considered an important part of running the business.

To help you fund public relations activities on your dairy or in the community, consider budgeting a certain amount of money, such as $1,000 or $2 per cow per year for a 500-cow dairy, says Louis Schneider, who now leases his dairy to another local producer.

For example, Schneider Dairy Farm directs a major part of its budget toward youth and school activities as a way to make a positive impression on the community. “I think spending a major portion of the budget on this effort can affect the greatest number of people,” Schneider says. Simple activities, such as giving out big candy bars to trick-or-treaters, seldom consume an entire year’s budget, he adds.

In addition to budgeting for public relations, it’s important to become an active leader in the community and maintain a working relationship with university specialists, extension agents and other agencies, Schneider says.