No one pre-milking routine will suit every dairy. In-stead, producers must develop a pre-milking routine that best fits their particular situation.

But, you must adhere to some basic scientific principles. According to the April 2002 issue of "Dairy Lines," a pre-milking routine should:

  • Minimize water use.
  • Focus on teat surfaces.
  • Use a pre-dip.
  • Assure complete pre-dip coverage of teat surfaces.
  • Allow 30 seconds of pre-dip contact time.
  • Provide a minimum let-down stimulus of 10 seconds. Teat massage, fore-stripping and teat drying all work to serve this purpose.
  • Provide a lag time of 45 to 90 seconds between prep and unit attachment.
  • Remove all dirt from teat surfaces.
  • Minimize variation between milkers in applying these techiniques.