Cows don’t hesitate to enter the parlor at Danielewicz Dairy Farm in Sanborn, N.Y., since the dairy installed an interlocking rubber floor, says Flevie Danielewicz, owner of the 900-cow dairy.

Danielewicz also had the rubber flooring installed over the entire concrete floor of a 640-cow free-stall facility built last October. He’s been pleased with the results ever since. Most noticeably, the flooring has saved cows from slipping. “We haven’t had a cow go down yet,” Danielewicz says. In addition, the flooring provides traction for a cow in heat, so she can stand when mounted by a herdmate.

The dairy purchased the flooring and had it installed by Folkema Sales, an Animat dealer based in Ontario, Canada. To contact, call (519) 485-4288.