The rumen bypass fat product Megalac may be able to boost profit by $186.20 per cow per year.

That is the conclusion from a study published in Supplement No. 1 in the Journal of Dairy Science and in the Journal of Animal Science and reported at the two associations’ joint meeting earlier this year this year.

The computer simulation study was conducted by Mark Kinsel, Agricultural Information Management in Nampa, Idaho and Bill Sanchez of Church & Dwight, the makers of Meglac. In the study, Megalac was simulated to be fed at 2.2 percent of the total ration dry matter at a cost of $800 per dry matter ton of Megalac for cows that were producing more than 80 pounds per day. Simulated improvements included a 5-pound-per-day boost in milk production, with no change in dry matter intake, along with a 2.1 reduction in first-service conception rate and a 12.2 percent increase in second-service or greater conception rate.

The computer simulation used values from previously-published research studies that included reproductive performance of early-lactation cows between calving and 150 days in milk.