Are your milkers getting teat ends clean before milking? Use this test to find out. 

1. No residue, dirt or dip present.

2. Dip residue only.

3. Small amount of visible manure.

4. Large amounts of manure and dirt present.

The goal is for 90 percent of teat ends to be rated a 1 or 2, says David Reid, Hazel Green, Wis., veterinarian and director of milk harvest, science and technology for Bou-matic.

Doing unannounced tests is a great way to check milker performance. If the scores are less than you’d like, provide some additional training for milkers. If scores are great, then congratulate your milkers for a job well done.

Some dairies even use this tool as part of an incentive program, or even run contests between milker teams.