When putting together a comprehensive nutrient management plan for your dairy, you will need to address the following six areas:
1. Feed management. Can you modify animal diets to reduce the amount of nutrients in manure?
2. Manure and wastewater handling and storage. Your goal here is to prevent water pollution.
3. Nutrient management. This section requires you to balance land application with crop uptake.
4. Land treatment practices. This is a list of management and conservation practices that minimize the movement of nutrients through the landscape and maximize crop uptake.
5. Record keeping. Records need to be kept on the amount of manure produced, how it is used, and current soil, plant, water and manure analyses.
6. Other manure and wastewater utilization options, such as the sale of manure to a neighbor, composting and off-site power generation.

For more information, see your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office, or visit this Web site: http://www.nhq.nrcs.usda.gov/Programs/ahcwpd/CNMPTG.pdf