A survey of 906 dairy producers and agribusiness professionals in the top 35 dairy states has identified the top issues dairy producers are concerned about when choosing to relocate a dairy.

The survey, conducted by Jennifer Winkler and Normand St-Pierre of the Ohio State University, found the most important factors that influence a dairy producer’s decision to relocate focus primarily on dairy production activities, St-Pierre says. Here are the respondents’ top 10 out of 100 factors they would consider before relocating:
1. Availability of fresh-water supplies.
2. Availability of land for nutrient management.
3. Average mailbox price of milk.
4. Quality of fresh-water supply.
5. Complexity of laws governing nutrient management.
6. Cost of hauling milk.
7. Feed cost.
8. Proximity to large milk markets.
9. State and local public perception of animal agriculture.
10. Previous court decisions regarding nutrient management.