Using square metal tubing rather than curved steel pipe, Anthony Vierra dairy & Farms in Hilmar, Calif., has achieved good uniformity in cow-cooling. Soaker nozzles mounted on the square tubing send out water, hitting all of the cows right behind the shoulders.

Joe Harner, agricultural engineer at KansasStateUniversity, says he agrees that square tubing can certainly do the job.

“It just requires a welder who can weld watertight joints and a plumber who can take round control fittings and convert (them) to square,” he says.

But, he adds, the uniformity of wetting the cows’ backs is not a function of pipe shape, but rather nozzle orientation and nozzle spacing.

Obviously, the Vierra farm has sweated the details and made sure the cows get a good shot of cooling water. It has become a priority.