Here are a few educational opportunities to add to your calendar for this winter:

·         Illinois Dairy Days will be held Jan. 8-23 at 10 different locations throughout the state. Topics include: transition diets, estrus synchronization with CIDRs, electronic identification and monitoring, improving reproductive efficiency, nutrient management regulations. For more information, contact Mike Hutjens at (217) 333-2928, or visit the Web site:

·         Managing the Hispanic Workforce, Jan. 28-29 in Grantville, Pa., and Jan. 30-31 in Canandaigua, N.Y. Topics include: four factors for success with your Hispanic employees, mentoring and coaching new managers, expanding employee skill sets, gaining multicultural acceptance in the community and hiring a legal workforce. For more information, call Robin Huizinga at (607) 255-4478, or visit this Web site:

·         Joint Dairy Housing Conference and National Mastitis Council meeting, Jan. 29-31 at the Sheraton Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. Topics include: milking equipment and systems, milk quality, mastitis control, lighting systems, biosecurity issues, odor control, special-needs facilities and much more. Plus, a joint session for all participants is scheduled for Jan. 29. For more information, contact the American Society of Agricultural Engineers at (269) 429-0300; the Web site is:  Or, contact NMC at: (608) 224-0622; the Web site is:

·         Building Free-stall Barns and Milking Centers: Methods and Materials, Feb. 18-20 in Camp Hill, Pa. Topics include: free-stall housing construction, milking center construction, options for construction contracting, pre-construction permitting, cow movement and restraint systems, flooring considerations, lighting design and installation and tunnel ventilation. A pre-conference workshop on dairy expansion economics will be held the morning of Feb. 18. For registration information, call the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service at (607) 255-7654, or visit the Web site: