Dairy Herd Management articles:

Semex, Micro Dairy Logic team to offer 24-hour heat detection
The system is available as a stand-alone device for herds under 600 cows, or as Heatime designed for the PC for herds over 600 cows. Both systems collect activity information on cows to determine normal activity levels. Once this base level is established, the control unit identifies cows that are displaying above or below average activity. The system is available with easy-to-use interfaces in English, Spanish and Dutch, enabling the user to review activity for each cow up to 60 days, or through her last two cycles.

New choice in sexed semen available
Genex Cooperative Inc. had introduced “GenChoice 75” sexed semen. The new “GenChoice 75” will produce 75 percent heifers. The new option comes with a more favorable price tag for dairy producers. In addition, GenChoice 75 (indicated by the stud code 751) will provide producers with a larger lineup of sires with sexed semen available.