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Colostrum aids long-term survivability

“The more we learn about the benefits of feeding colostrum, the more we start to understand that early-life events appear to have long-term effects,” says Mike Van Amburgh, dairy nutritionist at Cornell University. FULL STORY »

Calf-study results called into question

Is oregano effective against scours? New Greek research suggests that it is. FULL STORY »

Gypsum curbs phosphorus runoff

Gypsum performed best in a USDA study that examined the ability of soil additives to control phosphorus runoff from farm fields into waterways. FULL STORY »

Change calves’ water frequently

Research published in the spring edition of the bovine practitioner shows just how important it is to provide clean, fresh water to calves in hutches or individual pens. FULL STORY »

Free-choice milk options studied

Milk fed to calves in an ad libitum feeding program can spoil quickly in warm weather. FULL STORY »

What makes cows lame?

Researchers used a three-point locomotion-scoring system to evaluate 1,450 cows on 19 Dutch dairy farms. FULL STORY »

Researchers learn more about heat-treated colostrum

Colostrum can be safely heat-treated without hurting antibody levels or increasing viscosity, just keep a close eye on the holding temperature. FULL STORY »

Step up security measures

Adoption of security measures against agroterrorism may be lacking on dairy farms, according to a survey of dairy farms in five western states. FULL STORY »

Milk proteins still the “gold standard” in milk replacer

Can you feed a milk replacer that contains soy protein concentrate without depressing calf growth? FULL STORY »

High milk production shortens estrus

Are you having a hard time catching high-producing cows in heat? FULL STORY »

Canola meal can replace cottonseed meal

When price gets high, you can replace cottonseed meal with canola meal in mid-lactation diets without impacting milk production. FULL STORY »

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