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It’s hip to be square

In phase two of the liner study, Cornell researchers switched two herds from round liners to square liners. FULL STORY »

Liners affect teat-end health

Researchers at Cornell University’s quality milk production services lab have found that liner type — round versus square — impacts teat-end health. FULL STORY »

Feed calves’ immune systems

A 92-pound calf — born with about 3.5 to 4.1 pounds of body fat — uses about 0.6 to 1.8 pounds of that fat while learning to live outside the womb during the first day or two of life. FULL STORY »

Calves need more calories

“The more we learn about calves’ nutrient requirements, the more we confirm that we don’t feed them enough,” says Mike Van Amburgh, dairy nutritionist at Cornell University. FULL STORY »

Extended lighting increases milk yield

An on-farm trial confirms that supplemental lighting boosts milk production of mature cows. FULL STORY »

Increase bunk space for transition cows

Give pre- and post-fresh cows plenty of room at the feed bunk. FULL STORY »

Retained placenta treatment update

If you manually remove or use uterine antibiotic pills to treat a retained placenta, you might want to consider systemic-antibiotic treatment instead. FULL STORY »

Use systemic antibiotics for retained placentas wisely

Treating only those cows that develop a fever while they have a retained placenta may be a better approach than “blanket treatment” of all cows that calve with retained placentas. FULL STORY »

Preserve colostrum with potassium sorbate

Short-term colostrum storage may benefit from the addition of potassium sorbate, a common food preservative. FULL STORY »

Bedding type influences ammonia losses

Dairy operations are a major source of ammonia emissions. Studies have shown that bedding material can influence the magnitude of ammonia emissions. FULL STORY »

Manure microbes may inactivate antibiotics

Microbes in manure may help break down antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals excreted in manure by treated livestock, according to USDA research. FULL STORY »

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