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Sand depth affects lying behavior

Don’t skimp on sand in free-stalls or it could hurt lying time, according to research in the July Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Less bunk time may signal metritis

Cows that spend less time at the feed bunk before calving may be telling you they are at risk for developing metritis after they calve, according the University of British Columbia research. FULL STORY »

Calving clues you can use

Cows will tell you when they are about to calve. You just have to learn to understand their body language. FULL STORY »

Apply manure to soybeans and alfalfa

If you apply manure to soybeans or alfalfa, instead of corn, it can help keep nitrogen from ending up in the Gulf of Mexico where it can hurt marine animals, according to the USDA-Agricultural Research Service. FULL STORY »

CIDRs and Ovsynch: A good match for heifers

Do you have limited success catching heifers in heat and getting them bred in a timely fashion? If so, then you might want to try using a CIDR insert with a synchronization program. FULL STORY »

Palpation doesn’t increase pregnancy loss

New research suggests that rectal palpation of dairy cows does not increase pregnancy loss, contrary to previous thought. FULL STORY »

Grazing improves carbon storage in soil

Including grazing in a crop-rotation system may enrich the soil’s carbon content. FULL STORY »

Don’t add extra molasses to starter

Too much molasses in calf starter could lead to reduced intake and growth, according to Penn State University research reported earlier this year in the January Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

C. parvum most common in pre-weaned calves

The prevalence of certain cryptosporidium species in calves may be related to age. FULL STORY »

Heifers with low SCC give more milk

Heifers with an elevated somatic cell count in early lactation produce less milk during their first lactation, according to research in the March Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Feed delivery need not occur at milking

Fresh feed delivery doesn’t necessarily have to coincide with milking time, according to research from the University of British Columbia. FULL STORY »

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