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Feeding strategies reduce phosphorus

Dietary changes helped reduce phosphorus intake an average of 25 percent in a study of four New York dairy farms. FULL STORY »

Grazing increases CLA in milk

Research from Iowa State University shows that grazing boosts the level of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk. CLA is a fatty acid thought to help prevent cancer. Milk is one of the main sources of CLA in human diets. FULL STORY »

Look for ways to reuse parlor wastewater

Milking-center wastewater contributes a substantial amount of water to a dairy’s manure-storage structure. Yet, many producers do not reuse that water, at least according to a survey of 44 large-scale Ohio dairy operations. FULL STORY »

Keep the dry period, even if you use 4X

First-lactation cows still need a dry period, even if you enroll them on a frequent-milking regimen at calving. FULL STORY »

Hay may be OK for young calves

Feeding baled hay to pre-weaned calves is often avoided for fear it will hurt rumen development. FULL STORY »

A new use for water-treatment waste

Waste from water-treatment plants could someday help curb phosphorus runoff. FULL STORY »

Choline combats NEFAs

Choline may help reduce fatty liver, according to research from the University of Wisconsin. FULL STORY »

Yeast culture helps calf growth

The addition of yeast culture to calf starter may help improve calf growth, according to research from Penn State University. FULL STORY »

Passive transfer affects feed efficiency


Keep rubber flooring at the bunk

Yet another study supports the cow-comfort virtues of rubber flooring. FULL STORY »

BST response following 6X milking

Cows that were milked 6X for the first 21 days of lactation, and then later received BST, gave more milk per cow per day than non-BST cows at two different stages of lactation. FULL STORY »

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