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Frequent milking does not alter response to BST

Frequent milking during early lactation does not diminish a cow’s response to bovine somatotropin later in her lactation, according to research from the University of Illinois. FULL STORY »

Extra days on feed reduces drug residues

Research shows feeding cull cows for an extra 30 days before slaughter may increase average daily gain. FULL STORY »

Pack on more pounds before slaughter

Thin cull cows may benefit from an additional 30 days on feed before slaughter. FULL STORY »

Tunnel ventilation minimizes heat stress

Tunnel ventilation does a better job of reducing heat stress than shade and fans alone. FULL STORY »

Strep ag transferred from cows to people?

Streptococcus Agalactiae, a group b streptococcus, causes mastitis in cows but doesn’t affect people, right? FULL STORY »

Management factors impact 4X or 6X response

Not all herds get the same response from more-frequent milking during early lactation. This was borne home recently in two separate studies presented at the Joint Animal, Dairy and Poultry Science Association annual meeting. FULL STORY »

Analyze distillers grains for energy

Corn distillers grains — a byproduct of ethanol production — is often fed wet to avoid drying cost. FULL STORY »

Consider switching to white plastic

Silage on the top of a bunker silo can vary in temperature — and perhaps quality — depending on whether it is covered by white plastic or black plastic. FULL STORY »

Give cows extra bunk space

Doubling the amount of bunk space per cow reduces competition at the feed bunk, according to research reported in the May Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Watch for HBS in early lactation

a survey of 36 minnesota veterinarians suggests early-lactation cows may be the most likely to develop hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS), also called jejunal hemorrhage syndrome. FULL STORY »

Stick with two diets during a 60-day dry period

feeding a close-up diet for the entire 60-day dry period is not a good idea, according to Cornell University research. FULL STORY »

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