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Yearly phosphorus application not always needed

Phosphorus fertilizer may not need to be applied annually to get good crop yields, according to USDA research. FULL STORY »

Wet distillers an option for heifers

Growing heifers performed well on a diet consisting of wet distillers grains and low-quality forage in a recent on-farm trial conducted by South Dakota State University researchers. FULL STORY »

Activity, milk yield may predict health problems

Changes in daily walking activity and milk yield may help you detect fresh-cow health disorders earlier, according to research reported in the February Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Enzyme shown to degrade BSE prion

Researchers have discovered an enzyme that degrades the BSE prion — the protein particle believed to cause Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. FULL STORY »

AI still the best choice

Artificial insemination is more profitable than natural-service sires, according to an economic analysis by the University of Wisconsin Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits Project. FULL STORY »

Don’t skip the dryer

Using the dryer may be the most effective way to sanitize cloth parlor towels. FULL STORY »

Biotin earns more praise

Yet another study supports the role of biotin in hoof health. FULL STORY »

Study uncovers groundwater data

The fertilizer you apply this spring could affect groundwater quality 30 years from now. According to a USDA experiment completed in 1974 — and unearthed recently during a new study — fertilizer containing nitrate took 30 years to reach a 70-foot water table. FULL STORY »

Feed bunk attendance studied

Research from the university of british columbia animal welfare program confirms what many dairy producers already know — cows should have fresh feed waiting for them upon their return from the parlor. FULL STORY »

Calf weight not affected by short dry period

Does a shorter dry period hurt calf growth? Not according to a University of Wisconsin study. FULL STORY »

No dry period reduces colostrum quality

Failure to give cows a dry period is not only bad for milk production during the next lactation, but it also may jeopardize calf health. FULL STORY »

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