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Avoid the ‘overnutrition syndrome’

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t overfeed dry cows. But new research from the University of Illinois helps to quantify some of the reasons why. FULL STORY »

Allow heifers to adjust to free-stalls

You know that animals need some time to adjust when moved to free-stall facilities for the first time, but there’s been little research to explain what’s really going on. So, researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada decided to find out. FULL STORY »

Reduce mastitis through breeding

Researchers in Japan may have found a way to improve your herd’s milk quality even more through genetic selection. FULL STORY »

A mother’s touch

It doesn’t seem to matter to a newborn calf — or at least to her immune system — if she receives vigorous stimulation by humans or none at all following birth. FULL STORY »

Mycoplasma isn’t transmitted by contaminated sand bedding

Can calves contract mycoplasma from mycoplasma-contaminated sand bedding? FULL STORY »

Straw works with a limit-fed ration

If heifers are in a limit-feeding regime, they may benefit from the inclusion of straw alongside their limit-fed ration. FULL STORY »

Cleanliness key to successful AI

Researchers at Ohio State University recently conducted a study to determine if using disposable plastic sheath protectors (on top of the regular AI sheath) — which minimize contamination of the AI catheter — has an impact on pregnancies per AI. They followed 996 services from 773 lactating dairy cows on a commercial Ohio dairy to find an answer. FULL STORY »

Heifer development tied to cow survivability

Want to increase the odds of first-calf heifers finishing their first lactation and remaining in your herd? Then, monitor several calf-development parameters, according to data from researchers in Spain. FULL STORY »

Get familiar with feed

New research published in the January Journal of Dairy Science takes a look at how exposure to grain or hay at an early age impacts feeding behavior post-weaning. FULL STORY »

Tools for a faster mastitis diagnosis on the horizon

Research says PCR tests hold promise as a tool to complement traditional methods of mastitis diagnostics. FULL STORY »

Fresh cow mastitis cases can have lasting impacts

A cow’s mastitis status on day three after calving can affect milk production later in lactation. FULL STORY »

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