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Acidified milk replacer impacts early calf growth

University of Guelph researchers recently investigated the effects of acidified milk replacer on early calf growth. FULL STORY »

Fatty acids affect passive immunity

Does supplementing linoleic acid to cows during the last two months of pregnancy impact transfer of passive immunity to calves? FULL STORY »

Johne’s disease has a negative influence on reproduction

The effect of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (MAP) on dairy reproduction and culling is not as well-documented as some of the other costs attributed to this infection. FULL STORY »

Energy status and neutrophils can indicate uterine disease incidence

A recent study at Cornell University confirms again that cows that develop uterine disease experience a greater degree of negative energy balance around calving than their healthier counterparts. FULL STORY »

Get the most from Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy

Available since 2008, Livestock Gross Margin for Dairy Cattle Insurance offers dairy farmers a way to help protect a defined level of income over feed cost. FULL STORY »

High-yield agriculture slows pace of global warming

Advances in high-yield agriculture over the latter part of the 20th century have prevented massive amounts of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere — the equivalent of 590 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide — according to a new study led by two Stanford University earth scientists. FULL STORY »

Timing and type of mastitis impact conception

New research conducted by scientists at Cornell University and the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom, along with industry colleagues in Israel, found that the timing and type of clinical cases are critical for conception. FULL STORY »

Physical activity can identify estrus across breeds

That's according to research from Aarhus University in Denmark that was reported in the January Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Reproductive risk factors for culling identified

What are the survival and reproductive risk factors for culling in Holstein herds with at least 200 cows? FULL STORY »

Do heifers have healthier reproductive tracts?

Research published in the March Journal of Dairy Science suggests that may be the case. FULL STORY »

Select for productive life or net merit to improve Johne’s disease resistance

Research published in the April Journal of Dairy Science indicates that you may be able to increase your herd’s resistance to Johne’s disease via genetic selection. FULL STORY »

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