Do you have limited success catching heifers in heat and getting them bred in a timely fashion? If so, then you might want to try using a CIDR insert with a synchronization program.

According to research from the University of Wisconsin Department of Dairy Science, all heifers that had CIDR (controlled internal drug-releasing) devices inserted during the first six days of the Ovsynch program were bred on the eighth day of the program using timed AI. In contrast, 24 percent of the heifers that were on the Ovsynch program, but did not get CIDRs, showed estrus early and were bred prior to scheduled AI.

The Ovsynch protocol uses sequential injections of GnRH and prostaglandin to synchronize ovulation. Timed AI occurs on the eighth day of the protocol, following the last GnRH injection.

The researchers conclude that the excellent synchronization response of heifers with CIDR inserts makes the combination of CIDRs and Ovsynch a good tool to use when visual heat detection of heifers is limited.

The research was reported in the March Journal of Dairy Science.