Researchers at the University of Minnesota evaluated the performance of heifers limit-fed a grain mix supplemented with urea or a rumen-fermentation enhancer. All heifers received hay free-choice.

The researchers measured the heifers’ performance from nine to 25 weeks of age.

Here is a look at some of the results:

  • Urea-fed heifers gained less weight per day than control heifers (1.84 pounds per day vs. 2.15 pounds per day) during the first 28 days of the trial. Heifers fed the rumen-fermentation enhancer gained 2.05 pounds per day.
  • Performance of all three treatment groups was similar from day 29 of the trial to day 112.
  • Daily weight gain for the entire 112 days of the trial was highest for control heifers, followed by heifers fed the rumen-fermentation enhancer and lowest for the urea-fed heifers.
  • There were no differences in final hip height and hip height gain between all three treatment groups.

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