World Dairy Expo kicked off Tuesday, Sept. 28, in Madison, Wis. Below are videos from our sponsors.

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Featured Videos from the Show Floor:

Show Summaries:

Opportunity abounds for manure digesters

The United States holds the potential for 3,000 to 4,000 manure digesters, many of which could be located on dairy farms, Chris Voell, program manager with AgStar, EPA Climate Change Division, told audience members at World Dairy Expo. Full story.

Five Star Dairy receives DBA Environmental Excellence Award

Five Star Dairy LLC, of Elk Mound, Wis., was honored Thursday as the 2010 Dairy Business Association Environmental Excellence Award. The award was developed to recognize a Wisconsin farmer in honor of his or her outstanding waste and pollution prevention projects that protect the state’s natural resources. Full story.

Precision dairy farming is the wave of the future

Varieties of technologies are on the market or coming soon to help you measure physiological, behavioral and production parameters for animals and enable you to improve your management. Full story.

PDPW launches 'Visible Voice' curriculum

"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care." These words by internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author John Maxwell deliver a powerful message and they serve as the foundation for "Visible Voice," a new leadership development through effective communications program launched by Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. Full story.

A 'whole farm' approach to milk quality

In the U.S., the pressure is on to reduce somatic cell counts and meet standards that may be imposed by the European Union, Roger Beers, president and chief executive officer of A&L Laboratories, told audience members at World Dairy Expo. Full story.

Dairy policy briefing

Several years of high milk prices have left many dairy farmers in poor financial shape. Producers from across the country of all sizes and shapes have been affected and many are looking for solutions to prevent this from happening again. Full story.

All dairy, all day on 90.5 FM

Merial, partnering with Sullivan Higdon & Sink, has announced a new communications effort — radio broadcasting. The duo will broadcast on the frequency 90.5 FM during the World Dairy Expo. Full story.

Make feed efficiency in heifers a priority

Dairy heifers represent a large expense of resources including feed, buildings and labor; yet return no money to the dairy farm until they calve. Thus your overall objective must be to minimize cost while maximizing the returns on those costs incurred, Jud Heinrichs, professor of dairy and animal science at Penn State University told audience members at World Dairy Expo. Full story.