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It’s time to rethink how you treat clinical mastitis - 3/12/2003
New evidence suggests treatment should be based on culture results, not just clinical status.

Don’t let subclinical mastitis zap reproductive efficiency - 1/8/2003
New research shows the effects of subclinical mastitis infections during first 90 days of lactation are just as negative as clinical cases.

8 ways to improve teat-end cleanliness - 9/13/2001
Use these tips to make sure your employees get cows' teat ends consistently clean.

Don't be fooled by these mastitis therapy myths - 7/3/2002
When it comes to treating mastitis, the dairy industry has learned a lot in the last few years. However, despite the advances in knowledge, producers still fall into the trap of believing old myths, says Ron Erskine, veterinarian in the Large Animal Clinic at Michigan State University.

Halt heifer mastitis - 10/10/2001
Here's how to control mastitis in heifers before they give their first drop of milk.

Reduce mastitis through genetics - 6/7/2001
Use these strategies to help you choose sires with low somatic cell scores.

New use for an old tool - 3/13/2001
Screening every fresh cow with the California Mastitis Test can alert you to subclinical mastitis.

Culture before you buy - 11/1/2000
Pre-purchase mastitis culturing reduces the risk of contagious mastitis entering your dairy, and that can save you money.

Investigate their milking habits - 7/1/2000
Feature Articles
Use this checklist to determine if your employees’ actions help spread or cause mastitis.

Give your equipment a tuneup - 7/1/2000
Use this checklist to determine if your milking equipment causes mastitis.

Milk quality: Reclaim lost profits - 6/1/2000
Mastitis can steal $175 or more per cow per year.

Milk quality: Take action from culture test results - 6/1/2000
Learn how to use culture test results to make management changes.

Milk quality: Combat the “mastitis triangle” - 6/1/2000
Use this checklist to judge if your cows’ environment causes mastitis.

Milk quality: How to use coliform mastitis vaccines properly - 6/1/2000
Use these guidelines to refresh your vaccination protocol.

How to evaluate mastitis - 12/1/1999
Try a systematic approach to assessing mastitis cases.

Dairy Herd Management Health Columns about Mastitis

Monitor udder health to make decisions - 6/18/2002
Why should we spend time and money collecting and processing information about udder health? That's a question a lot of producers ask. And the answer is: "It pays to do so."

Evaluate cure rates - 1/11/2002
Treatment failure happens. And when it comes to clinical mastitis, it happens more often than you think. That's why you need to evaluate cure rates on your dairy.

Say "no" to magic potions - 7/11/2001
The dairy industry must do everything it can to always deliver consistent high-quality products to consumers.

Mastitis prevention: Doing what counts - 10/1/2000
Is mastitis a disease of cows caused by people, or is getting mastitis just a function of being a modern dairy cow? If the latter were true, infection rates would be similar across farms with similar milk production, and not associated with management practices. However, that is not the case.

Call a Staph meeting - 7/1/2000
Mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus remains a significant problem in dairy herds. Since the introduction of control programs two decades ago, the disease occurs in less than 5 percent of cows nationally. However, more than 80 percent of dairy farms have Staph aureus-infected animals.

Prevent environmental mastitis - 4/1/2000
A terrible disease hits your farm. Within a year, one-third of your herd develops clinical signs. Of those, 5 percent to 10 percent face an agonizing death, 10 percent must be culled and another 30 percent never return to full milk production.

Fighting Strep uberis mastitis - 12/1/1999
When I began practicing 16 years ago in Georgia, Staph aureus and Strep ag were two of the most prevalent organisms causing clinical mastitis. 

Narrow down your mastitis problems - 7/1/1998
At the risk of belaboring a point, I wanted to follow up on the environmental strep mastitis column I wrote a few months ago. Environmental infections usually result from pathogens in the Streptococci family – excluding strep ag.