The Global Leader in Livestock Identification

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P.O. Box 612266
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261-2266
Phone: (972) 456-3686
Toll-free: (800) 989-TAGS

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For nearly four decades, Allflex has been leading the industry with livestock management systems that incorporate the latest design technologies, materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Allflex consistently introduces new and improved products based on sound manufacturing and knowledge of real-world product demands.
  • Allflex philosophy embraces innovation-providing customers a clear advantage today and tomorrow.
  • Allflex is the global leader in livestock identification.

Allflex innovations include:

  • The Allflex Global Tag with guaranteed permanent Laser-Ink Marking
  • Electronic (Radio Frequency) Identification Systems
  • Custom Laser-Marked Visual Identification Tag.