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The transition phase between pregnancy and lactation is the most critical period during the year for a dairy cow. How well she moves through this transition period will set the expectations for her entire lactation performance. If she suffers with metabolic problems due to poor feed intake her overall production and the quality of the milk she produces will suffer throughout her entire lactation. In those first weeks after calving, she will go into a negative energy state, where feed intake doesn't meet energy required to meet her genetic potential for milk production. Thus, she calls upon her body reserves of fat and protein to make up this deficit. If liver function isn't at its  optimum during this time, she can develop a fatty liver, which will result in her running the risk of ketosis, displaced abomasums (DA), retained placenta (RP), etc. Providing choline, an essential nutrient for liver fat metabolism helps the liver to maintain its optimum capabilities. Reashure® is the only product on the market that provides a rumen stable choline that can escape rumen degradation and be delivered for absorption in the small intestine. Choline is important in converting non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) from body fat reserves into valuable very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) which can be used by the cows as a functional energy source during this negative energy balance period. Research from the University of Missouri has shown that providing choline to the liver helps the cow reach her genetic potential during this time. They found greater milk production, while producing more total fat and protein in milk than cows not receiving choline. This demonstrated that those cows receiving Reashure handled the transition phase better and were more valuable members of the production herd. For more details on this important research, click on the links below. Other important research on Reashure can also be accessed through those links.