Kuhn Knight, Inc.
World-Wide Leader in TMR Mixers and Innovative Manure Spreaders

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Brodhead Office
1501 West Seventh Ave.
PO Box 167
Brodhead, Wis. 53520
Tel: 608-897-2131
Fax: 608-897-2561

Greeley Office
701 Cherry Avenue
Greeley, Col. 80631
Tel: 970-351-0444
Fax: 970-351-7499


At Kuhn Knight, Inc. we are committed to helping our customers succeed by creating innovative, high value, high performance products through excellent design and quality workmanship.

Our goals are very similar to the goals of your dairy operation. The dairyman desires to produce high quality milk by feeding a balanced ration, using proper milking procedures and maintaining a clean environment for the dairy cow. Kuhn Knight manufactures high value equipment by producing products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations. We achieve this through the combination of excellent quality, performance, dealer support, reputation and price.

Kuhn Knight dedicates much time to testing equipment so that it meets or exceeds the dairyman's expectations. All the mixers we manufacture go through performance tests to evaluate mix quality throughout the entire ration, from beginning to end. We also evaluate ration quality so that it meets or exceeds Penn State Shaker Test recommendations.

Our goal to produce a quality mix from every mixer we manufacture should help each dairy producer who purchases a Kuhn Knight mixer feed a quality ration to his dairy cows. A consistent, well-balanced ration will help cows produce high quality milk because they have a consistent diet and are healthier. We understand why you purchase a TMR mixer, to produce more high quality milk more efficiently.