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It is well known that milk production will drop off precipitously in hot weather, and that fans, especially in conjunction with sprinkling, can cool dairy cattle enough to restore production levels.

Although they can't yet prove it, MacroAir Technologies, manufacturers of MaxAirTM HVLSTM fans, believes their fans probably contribute significantly to milk quality as well.

They point out that it is logical to surmise that relieving heat stress in the cows, especially during extended hot spells, would result in better overall herd health, leading to an improvement in milk quality.

But there are other reasons, too. MaxAir fans are effective floor drying machines because their down-wash translates into a horizontal air jet radiating out in all directions, with the highest velocities right at floor level. In dairies this results in dryer floors, feed, and bedding areas, hence less harmful bacteria and general improvement in animal welfare. Where sprinkling is being used this is doubly important because of the increased amount of water getting on the floor.

Furthermore, feedback from dairies using HVLS fans reveals a large reduction in odors and flies. The reduction in flies probably results both from the reduction of bacteria, and the fact that flies don't like moving air. Again, MaxAir fans create a dryer and more sanitary environment, which can result in improved herd health.

Another benefit of drier floors is a diminution of "stray voltage" problems. A dry floor in the milking parlor, for instance, greatly reduces conductivity and the potential for current to pass through the cow to milking equipment. Stray voltage is neutral-to-earth voltage from leaks off power lines and equipment – a very real and well-known problem. Effects of stray voltage are believed to be primary factors contributing to Mastitis and Fecal Coliform, both of which negatively impact milk quality.