Virginia Tech took home top honors, winning the overall team title at the 88th Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. Elizabeth Smith of PennStateUniversity claimed the individual overall title. Winning the team reasons competition was University of Wisconsin-Madison, with team member Daniel Walker leading the team. Rounding out the top five teams overall were: PennStateUniversity, second; University of Wisconsin-Madison, third; University of Illinois, fourth; and DelawareValleyCollege, fifth. Twenty-two teams competed in this year’s contest.

Teams and individuals receiving recognition are:

Overall Top 10 Teams
1. Virginia Tech; 2432; coached by Barnes and Knowlton. Team members included Katie Albaugh, Katie Pike, Malorie Rhoderick and Brittany Thompson.
2. Penn StateUniversity; 2430; coached by Dale Olver. Team members included Robyn Bechtel, Amy Miller, Jennifer Rassler and Elizabeth Smith.
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison; 2391; coached by Halbach and Dickson. Team members included Shelly Bohn, Lindsay Morris, Evan Schnadt and Daniel Walker.
4. University of Illinois; 2376; coached by Gene McCoy.
Team members included Erin Lyons, Katie Boesche, Clint Harre and Steve Fluty.
5. DelawareValleyCollege; 2363; coached by Larry Morris. Team members included Joshua Detwiler, Eric Forgy, Matthew Puskas and Wade Pearson.
6. KansasStateUniversity; 2354; coached by Justin Potts.
Team members included Jamie Herrman, Chelsy Coen, Billy Brown and Callie Unruh.
7. University of Wisconsin-River Falls; 2345; coached by Steve Kelm. Team members included Richard Franta, Franni Kinnard, Laura Lyford and Jaclyn Weis.
8. Cal Poly; 2331; coached by Stan Henderson. Team members included Brian Fiorini, Sean Locke, Amy Odens and Annie Azevedo.
9. University of Georgia; 2317; coached by William Graves. Team members included Amanda Eade, Katie Smith, Cassie Whitaker and Christy Bryan.
10. University of Wisconsin-Platteville; 2312; coached by Michael Mee. Team members included Rebekah Giese, Craig Pagenkopf, Amber Boeke and Scott. Davel.

Overall Top 10 Individuals
1. Elizabeth Smith, 829, Penn StateUniversity.
2. Katie Albaugh, 821, Virginia Tech.
3. Craig Pagenkoph, 820, University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
4. Brittany Thompson, 818, Virginia Tech.
5. Daniel Walker, 817, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
6. Wade Pearson, 810, DelawareValleyCollege.
7. Franni Kinnard, 809, University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
8. Katie Smith, 808, University of Georgia.
9. Robyn Bechtel, 801, PennStateUniversity.
10. Brady Core, 801, University of Kentucky.

Top 10 Teams Reasons
1. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 830, coached by Halbach and Dickson.
2. Virginia Tech, 822, coached by Barnes and Knowlton.
3. Penn StateUniversity, 804, coached by Dale Olver.
4. University of Illinois, 793, coached by Gene McCoy.
5. KansasStateUniversity, 791, coached by Justin Potts.
6. Cal Poly, 786, coached by Stan Henderson.
7. CornellUniversity, 778, coached by Galton and Winkelman.
8. PurdueUniversity, 778, coached by Steven Hendress.
9. North DakotaState, 772, coached by Todd Molden.
10. OregonStateUniversity, 769, coached by Jim Krahn.

Top 10 Individual Reasons
1. Daniel Walker, 288, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
2. Brittany Thompson, 277, Virginia Tech.
3. Shelly Bohn, 277, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
4. Malorie Rhoderick, 275, Virginia Tech.
5. Clint Harre, 274, University of Illinois.
6. Billy Brown, 273, KansasStateUniversity.
7. Robyn Bechtel, 272, PennStateUniversity.
8. Amy Odens, 272, Cal Poly.
9. Elizabeth Smith, 270, PennStateUniversity.
10. Katie Albaugh, 270, Virginia Tech.

Source: World Dairy Expo