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Detect salmonella quickly

Scientists in Spain are working on a new system to help find salmonella in food samples within 24 hours. FULL STORY »

Harvest on time

Recent developments from New Zealand may change your harvest timing for certain crops. FULL STORY »

Shedding light on odor

A tool that’s been employed to hunt submarines and study clouds may change the way air is monitored around your dairy. FULL STORY »

Sunflowers: the new fuel source?

The hunt for alternative fuel sources is reaching a fever pitch in an attempt to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. And hydrogen has received special attention that reaches all the way to the Oval Office. FULL STORY »

Bacteria reduce dairy phosphorus

Dairies in new york, north carolina and Texas are using bacterial-based technology to reduce undesirable manure components like phosphorus. FULL STORY »

Corn yield goals often don’t reflect nitrogen needs

If you apply fertilizer based on estimated corn yields, you may be using too much nitrogen. FULL STORY »

Software manages synch programs

It’s not easy to keep track of each cow in a synchronized-breeding protocol. FULL STORY »

High-tech vending machines

New Zealand researchers are working to develop vending machines that dispense foods based on individual nutritional needs. FULL STORY »

Remove odor and methane from manure

A vibratory membrane filtration system currently in use in Asia and Europe — primarily in the swine industry, but beginning to appear on dairies — offers an opportunity to remove ammonia, methane and other substances from manure. FULL STORY »

Cow bacteria: stuck like glue

An adhesive resin made from cow gut bacteria and scrap plant material — like wood chips, crop residue or recycled newspapers — may one day replace a portion of the petroleum-based adhesive used in the wood industry to make products like plywood or particle board. FULL STORY »

Methane could power cooling systems

A New Zealand engineer is developing a milk cooling system that’s driven by methane power. FULL STORY »

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