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Shorter dry periods mean less time dry, fewer ration changes and more milk. Sounds great right?

Agricultural Research Service scientists and colleagues are working on an oral vaccine to eliminate E. coli O157:H7 in live cattle. FULL STORY »

Digitize animal health records

With animal and food traceability issues increasing in significance, a new digitized data management technology — Authentix Forms — has been developed to help dairy and other livestock managers keep track of vital individual animal and herd information. FULL STORY »

Fuel cells may offer on-farm electricity answers

Two New York dairies are testing fuel-cell technology to produce their own electricity. FULL STORY »

Researchers cloning cattle resistant to BSE

At least three teams are working to create cloned cattle that will be resistant to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). FULL STORY »

Looking for cows with beta-casein A2

A New Zealand company has contracted with a nebraska firm to conduct dna analysis on dairy cattle to determine which type of beta-casein gene they possess. FULL STORY »

Searching for the mastitis gene

Australian researchers are working on a new technology to compare the genes of cattle that are infected with mastitis and those that are resistant to the disease. FULL STORY »

Biological corn rootworm control

Scientists with the USDA’s agricultural Research Service have discovered a bacterium that appears to be highly effective against a variety of voracious plant pests, including corn rootworm species. FULL STORY »

Boosting corn’s cold tolerance

Using a gene known to help tobacco plants withstand chilly temperatures, researchers have been able to increase the cold tolerance of sweet corn by about 4 degrees Fahrenheit. FULL STORY »

New device to track bovine diseases

Researchers at Kansas State University are testing a vitals-recording sensor for cattle that can help you catch and treat diseases earlier. FULL STORY »

Herd monitor reports most productive reproductive times

An automated herd monitoring system developed by a Northern Ireland company is designed to help identify which cows should be bred and when. FULL STORY »

Propane powers new engine

A new clean-burning propane engine for off-road vehicles and ag tractors was unveiled last fall by the Nebraska Propane Gas Association and several research partners. FULL STORY »

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