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Corn stover good for more than ethanol production

New research at Penn State University suggests that corn stover — the stalks and leaves leftover after combining — can be used not only to produce ethanol, but also to directly generate electricity. FULL STORY »

Portable manure sensor

Need to know the composition of your manure, but don’t want to wait for lab analysis? FULL STORY »

Legume fertilizer for non-legume crops

Researchers from Washington State University and around the world have discovered how to trigger nodulation in legumes — like alfalfa —without the bacteria normally necessary to do so. FULL STORY »

New biofuel at the pump

Dupont and BP have developed a new generation of biofuel known as biobutanol, which will be introduced in Great Britain next year. FULL STORY »

Crop residue a pollution solution?

USDA-ARS researchers have discovered that soybean hulls — as well as leftover stalks and stems from corn and sugar cane plants — make an ideal foundation for a potent filtering agent that can adsorb harmful levels of lead, chromium, copper and cadmium from contaminated waters. FULL STORY »

Researchers turn manure into fuel for cars

Researchers at the vehicle research Institute at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash., have developed a way to power cars using manure. FULL STORY »

Fertile genes

Recent research at Washington State University discovered a genetic mutation that affects dairy cow fertility. FULL STORY »

New mastitis defense

New research shows there may be a way to give cows a built-in defense against mastitis-causing pathogens. FULL STORY »

Electrifying manure treatment

Private industry and the University of Vermont recently unveiled a new technique to rid liquid manure of much of its odor-causing bacteria. FULL STORY »

Edible medicines

Soymeds, Inc., a North Carolina firm, is working on edible vaccines using soybeans for both livestock and humans. FULL STORY »

Researchers “whey” odds on cheese byproduct making ethanol

Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has offered a $29,000 grant to a researcher in Stratford, Wis., to develop the technology needed to convert whey sugar into ethanol. FULL STORY »

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