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New method to identify microorganisms

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have unveiled a new way to identify key segments of the genetic code. FULL STORY »

Australian researchers report breakthrough in genetic engineering

Australian researchers recently announced that they have discovered how to multiply and isolate stem cells from bovine embryos — and to do so more quickly than was previously possible. FULL STORY »

Sugar shoots down mastitis

Researchers at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service’s Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., have found a new tool in the fight against mastitis. FULL STORY »

Ultrasound for body condition scoring

Body condition scores have become an integral part of herd management, especially during the transition phase. FULL STORY »

DNA tool can track brucellosis source

Researchers have developed a new DNA-fingerprinting technique that can identify strains of brucellosis through differences in their DNA sequences. FULL STORY »

Gene protects soybean plants from Chinese soybean aphid

Scientists with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service have discovered a soybean gene that is resistant to Chinese soybean aphids. FULL STORY »

Disinfect wastewater with electromagnetic energy

Researchers at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory and the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have spent the last three years looking into new ways to disinfect farm wastewater before it’s recycled for use. And it’s been time well spent. FULL STORY »

Multitasking: genetic test and animal ID tool

In just a few short years, commercially available genetic tests have expanded their scope exponentially — from a single test that could identify a single marker to multiple markers using a single test. FULL STORY »

Milk molecule manipulation

Australian scientists recently discovered that they can safely manipulate milk molecules with ultrasound. The process may potentially slash production speed and cost for dairy processors and also lead to new high-value dairy products. FULL STORY »

New filtration tool available

U.S. patents have recently been awarded for a SmartFlow technology that provides optimized separation and purification of milk, whey and colostrum while minimizing waste. FULL STORY »

Milk’s benefits are in the genes

You’ve heard of the human genomic project. Now, scientists at University of California-Davis have teamed up with their counterparts in New Zealand, Australia, France, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands to build data banks containing the genes from milk, or milk genomics. FULL STORY »

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