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Kill bugs with manure

A Texas corporation has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval for a natural-pesticide formulation made from renewable resources. FULL STORY »

New odor-detection tools in progress

In the future, air-quality investigators may not need to come to your farm. FULL STORY »

Sensors may detect milk contamination instantly

If a new protective technology pans out, tamper-resistant lids and freshness dates on dairy products won’t be the only indications of product safety. FULL STORY »

Hot water on tap

Dairies may benefit from geothermal energy plants, say Arizona scientists. FULL STORY »

Pasteurize colostrum and protect IgG

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are zeroing in on the time and temperature needed to pasteurize colostrum without losing any Immunoglobulin G (IgG). FULL STORY »

New Zealand creates cows to produce high-protein milk

Researchers in New Zealand have genetically engineered nine cows to produce high-protein milk for the cheese market. FULL STORY »

Test developed for HBS

Researchers at Oregon state university have developed a diagnostic test that may soon help producers test for hemorrhagic bowel syndrome. FULL STORY »

Mobile lab tracks disease on-the-go

North Dakota recently unveiled a new weapon against livestock disease outbreaks — a mobile lab made from a customized fifth-wheel trailer that can travel anywhere in the state and provide expert support. FULL STORY »

Corn could become more nitrogen efficient

Researchers at Pioneer hi-bred international say that while corn plant productivity is simply amazing, there is still room for improvement — especially when it comes to nitrogen efficiency. FULL STORY »

Shock waves kill foodborne pathogens

Mexican scientists have developed a new technique for killing foodborne bacteria like Listeria monocytogenes. FULL STORY »

Predict mycotoxin levels in corn

A new computer program from the USDA’s agricultural research service makes it easier for you to predict mycotoxins in your corn crop. FULL STORY »

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