It’s not easy to keep track of each cow in a synchronized-breeding protocol

But help is on the way. Accelerated Genetics has developed a software program for hand-held computers, or PDAs, to help manage the many synch protocols available.

The Accelerated Synchronization Assistance Program, or ASAP, uses individual herd and individual cow data to enable users to create a personalized synchronization program and then follow cows through the prescribed activities of synch programs like Ovsynch, Presynch, Co-synch and others. ASAP is not a new synch program itself, but it does help schedule injections and pregnancy checks; it generates shopping lists, and even tracks cows on different protocols if your dairy uses more than one.

The program is designed for dairies of all sizes, and is especially handy for those not using detailed herd-management software, says Bob Holterman, vice president of marketing at Accelerated Genetics.