Tools for Profit

Don’t leave your heirs in the dark

Would your family be able to locate important financial documents in the event of your death or serious illness? FULL STORY »

Uncover opportunities for your business

Running a successful business is a constant challenge. FULL STORY »

Positive solutions to family disagreements

Juggling the demands of a dairy farm, family and personal needs can be quite a challenge. FULL STORY »

9 characteristics of a strong family working relationship

Over the years, I have observed nine characteristics or values in dairy farm families that develop strong positive working relationships. This also applies to dairy farm employees. FULL STORY »

Reflections of a new dairy owner

As a veterinary consultant, I always thought that pregnancy examinations, vaccinations, and record-keeping were top priorities. Now, after three years as a dairy farm owner, it's interesting to note how some of those priorities have changed. FULL STORY »

Compensate family members fairly

Money can always be a source of conflict in a family business. Too often, money problems are created by poor planning and poor communication. Family members need to receive a fair salary, in a timely manner, in return for their services. FULL STORY »

Family harmony vs. family conflicts

When family members work together in a multi-generation dairy farm, some families are surrounded by harmony while other families seem to struggle from trying to resolve one conflict after another. Why is this? There are a number of reasons, but here are a few points to consider. FULL STORY »

Good records do matter

While some people contend that past performance doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t want to chart a course for my business without that knowledge. And you shouldn’t either. FULL STORY »

Understanding risk vs. return

One of the key concepts that i try to teach in the classroom and at extension meetings is the trade-off between risk and return that exists in capital markets. The trade-off is based on three assumptions. FULL STORY »

Share financial information in a family business

As family businesses, most of you probably know that regular family meetings and good communication are key to your success. FULL STORY »

Look beyond net farm income

As an undergraduate majoring in accounting, I took a few agricultural economics courses because I had been advised that the ag econ department taught “common sense” economics as opposed to the theoretical brand taught by the economics department. FULL STORY »

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