Tools for Profit

10 tips for off-farm investing

Strategies for growing your retirement dollars are the same for dairy producers as they are for other independent business operators. Consider the following tips: FULL STORY »

Protect the heirs who want to farm

I spend a great deal of my time working with farm families, helping them plan for the future. My role is to educate the family members on the options and potential problems that their businesses might face. FULL STORY »

Managing cash flow with low prices

The year 2000 brings financial challenges to dairy producers as market analysts predict low milk prices throughout the year. No doubt cash flows have begun to tighten on many dairy farms, and this year’s income will fall below the levels established in 1998 and 1999. FULL STORY »

The complacency malady

The dairy industry will most likely remember 1999 as a year of high profits and increased expansion. However, for many producers, this year of good times also has brought a sense of complacency when it comes to financial planning, herd and employee management. FULL STORY »

Where will you be in 2003?

The government's involvement in agriculture has been difficult to read lately. FULL STORY »

Go east young man, go east

In what sounds like a reversal from the famous line in John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath," California dairy producers are packing up their belongings, loading up livestock and heading back east. FULL STORY »

Beware of phantom dollars

Too often, programs and protocols are promoted based on a perceived level of response or financial return. For example, you have probably heard that every day a lactation extends beyond 365 days carries a cost of $1 per day, with every day past 395 days costing $2. FULL STORY »

Five tips for selecting accounting software

The majority of my clients have already made the move to computerize their operations. However, the infamous Y2K computer bug is causing a number of clients to review their present accounting programs. A lot of the programs, as well as a number of computers, will need to be upgraded to avoid surprises in the year 2000. FULL STORY »

School is not over

Your children may get out of school this month. But, those of us in the dairy industry know that education is a year-round process and we need to be ready to do our "homework" on a constant basis. Many dairy producers in the West are currently taking a "free-stall class," requiring much homework before they visit a bank for financing. FULL STORY »

What does your herd health program really cost?

Dairy producers and consultants sometimes become so focused on obtaining management goals that they often lose sight of the cost to achieve them. FULL STORY »

When to beef?

Oftentimes, you decide to cull cows based on hunches, gut feelings or the outward appearance of a cow. Factors such as the cow's age, body condition, health, and days open may also influence the decision. While these factors are important, the economics of selling the animals should be considered. In other words, you should put pencil to paper to prove your gut instinct. FULL STORY »

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