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Show your legislator a good time

We are seemingly at the mercy of new legislation to make America “green,” free ourselves of workers that want to work, and measures that tax wholesale producers when they purchase retail goods. FULL STORY »

Don’t blindly cut back on feed cost

With the price of corn, soybeans, hay and other feeds at or near-record levels, your feed cost is painfully high. FULL STORY »

Invest your profits wisely

Last year was a very profitable year for almost every dairy farmer in the U.S. Sure, 2007 feed prices were high and the cost of other inputs, like energy, also jumped. But that was more than offset by the high prices you have received for milk most of the year. FULL STORY »

Learn from lessons past

Bruce Jones is a professor of agribultural economics and farm management specialist at the University of Wisconsin FULL STORY »

Your seat on the roller coaster

When in a roller coaster that's climbing a steep incline, your stomach usually tightens. That's because you know your heart will be in your shoes in just a matter of minutes when the roller coaster drops over the next hill. Yet, when the ride is completed, we often get back in line and ride again. FULL STORY »

Make a difference to the one

A woman was walking along a long stretch of beach after high tide. It was littered with starfish and tiny sea creatures left stranded by the ebbing water. Every few feet the woman bent over, picked up one of the doomed starfish, admired its uniqueness, and then gave it a good fling back into the surging waters. A man approached and asked what she was doing. FULL STORY »

The green machine

Lately, everywhere you turn the “green machine” is roaring its engine and affecting nearly every aspect of our business. FULL STORY »

Get off the farm

If you want to stay on the farm, you have to get off of the farm. FULL STORY »

Conflict resolution strategies that work

Here are seven successful ways to overcome conflict and get your family and your family business back on track. FULL STORY »

Five tips for selecting accounting software

The majority of my clients have already made the move to computerize their operations. However, the infamous Y2K computer bug is causing a number of clients to review their present accounting programs. A lot of the programs, as well as a number of computers, will need to be upgraded to avoid surprises in the year 2000. FULL STORY »

10 tips for off-farm investing

Strategies for growing your retirement dollars are the same for dairy producers as they are for other independent business operators. Consider the following tips: FULL STORY »

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T5 Electro Command™

New Holland has further extended the T5 Series appeal to livestock producers with the addition of the Electro Command™ semi-powershift transmission. Two ... Read More

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