Tools for Profit

Benchmarking and beyond

Benchmarking is one of the latest buzzwords to enter the dairy industry. Benchmarking allows a farm to establish its expenses per hundredweight and compare them to other dairies on a local, regional or national basis. This information can then be used as a guide for improving management or controlling cost. FULL STORY »

What to do during the good times

When good times arrive -- high milk prices with low feed prices -- sometimes it's easy to get distracted. After all, things are going well, so why sweat the details. FULL STORY »

Tips for better employee management

Farmers and ranchers often have a problem managing their employees. FULL STORY »

Baseball and dairying: Which league are you in?

Some baseball players spend the better part of their careers bouncing back and forth from the major league to the minor league. Even though the rules of the game are the same for both leagues, and all teams have the goal of winning, the level of management can differ greatly. FULL STORY »

Being in business with family members

Mothers and fathers have a hard time when it comes to managing both the business and the family. Sometimes, decisions must be made that help the business, but may affect individual family members. FULL STORY »

Evaluate debt wisely

It's apparent that the pork industry has focused more on the business side of management than the dairy industry. Terms like "competitive position" indicate that for pork producers to be profitable in the next century, they must continually improve and reinvest in the business. Shouldn't the same management goals apply to dairy as well? FULL STORY »

Accrual accounting: A management tool for the '90s

Today's dairy manager must be aggressive in many different aspects of the dairy operation. Managers must be knowledgeable on such subjects as nutrition, health, and overall herd management. The one element of modern dairying that is quickly becoming more critical is financial management. FULL STORY »

Set your own standards of performance

I cannot think of anyone who does not periodically want to see how they "stack up" against their peers. This need to see if we are as good as the next guy is quite natural and somewhat beneficial in that it pushes us to strive for improvement and excellence. We cannot, however, let the actions and activities of others be our sole motivator or performance standard. FULL STORY »

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