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What to do during the good times

When good times arrive -- high milk prices with low feed prices -- sometimes it's easy to get distracted. After all, things are going well, so why sweat the details. FULL STORY »

School is not over

Your children may get out of school this month. But, those of us in the dairy industry know that education is a year-round process and we need to be ready to do our "homework" on a constant basis. Many dairy producers in the West are currently taking a "free-stall class," requiring much homework before they visit a bank for financing. FULL STORY »

Managing cash flow with low prices

The year 2000 brings financial challenges to dairy producers as market analysts predict low milk prices throughout the year. No doubt cash flows have begun to tighten on many dairy farms, and this year’s income will fall below the levels established in 1998 and 1999. FULL STORY »

It’s unclear what the future holds

As dairy producers look to the future, some things appear milky white — that is, lacking clarity and direction. Many producers are unsure what to expect five to 10 years from now. Among the factors clouding the outlook: FULL STORY »

Share your appreciation ... it matters

Relationships suffer when someone discovers that decisions are being made by others that affect their happiness and well-being, yet they are not allowed to have input in those decisions. FULL STORY »

Avoid “century-farm syndrome”

A dairy producer I know and respect is contemplating a major expansion project. FULL STORY »

Train the next generation of producers

Recently, a client had some serious health problems that weighed on his mind. Only 57, he had been dealing with diabetes, and also needed four bypasses a few years ago. FULL STORY »

Tax-advantaged ways to pay for education

When it comes to grooming the next manager for your dairy, there's little doubt that a good education is one of the keys to success. However, with education expenses constantly increasing and the amount of financial aid available decreasing, the cost of college is becoming more of a financial burden. FULL STORY »

Negotiate lower prices

The old adage that farmers buy at retail and sell wholesale remains true today. However, with the current downturn in the economy, purchasing opportunities exist. Many companies have excess inventory and will sell at reduced prices. The level of discount you can get is determined by your ability to negotiate. FULL STORY »

Don't confuse estate taxation with estate planning

Congress has finally passed the long-awaited tax reform package that makes major changes to the U.S. tax code and phases out the estate tax over a period of time. FULL STORY »

3 business pitfalls to avoid

I spend a lot of my professional life helping agricultural producers build and manage their business operations. FULL STORY »

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