Tools for Profit

A guide for family loans

While it's better to leave lending to the professionals, if you do loan money to family members, make all of your decisions based on fact and not emotion. FULL STORY »

Sell or rent?

With depressed prices decreasing profits, many older dairy producers are contemplating retirement. These producers have probably planned on selling their farms to raise the money needed to cover their living expenses during retirement. FULL STORY »

The complacency malady

The dairy industry will most likely remember 1999 as a year of high profits and increased expansion. However, for many producers, this year of good times also has brought a sense of complacency when it comes to financial planning, herd and employee management. FULL STORY »

Now is not the time for team cuts

The easiest cut is that big line-item, management-team cost. This is a cut that does not show immediate results, but can have a big impact on your business. FULL STORY »

How to determine employee raises

Winter is the time of year when many employers discuss raises with their employees. FULL STORY »

Deal or no deal

The price increase of corn during this harvest season has taken many people by surprise and has dairy producers wondering what the future holds. FULL STORY »

Consider an ESOP for business succession planning

As a farm business owner, your business is probably your most important asset and a substantial source of wealth. FULL STORY »

Gauge the impact of higher interest rates

The last couple of years have been good for dairy producers. Milk prices remained strong throughout 2004, and generally favorable milk prices continued through most of 2005. FULL STORY »

3 ways to foster business success

I have had plenty of opportunity to observe both success and failure in family businesses. Here are some of the keys to success I've learned in my 38 years of practice. FULL STORY »

The fourth ingredient of succes

Success in business comes from three essential ingredients: a product, a marketing plan and sound financial management. FULL STORY »

Evaluate your financial health

When was the last time you assessed your financial health? Unless you ask the right questions and track results, you are merely guessing at how your business performs. In today’s volatile marketplace, you have to do better. FULL STORY »

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