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Deal or no deal

The price increase of corn during this harvest season has taken many people by surprise and has dairy producers wondering what the future holds. FULL STORY »

Every successful dairy has its secrets

Every business has its secrets. these are the secrets of business strategy that we really don’t like sharing with our colleagues when we discuss our financial and management structure. FULL STORY »

Avoid the alternate-generation phenomena

Have you ever really looked at a successful family dairy operation in your area? If so, you probably have noticed something that I call the “alternate-generation phenomena.” FULL STORY »

Consider an ESOP for business succession planning

As a farm business owner, your business is probably your most important asset and a substantial source of wealth. FULL STORY »

Make your financing work for you

During periods of low milk prices, many farms are forced to try and survive on credit cards and vendor credit. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. FULL STORY »

Give your business succession plan a checkup

What is the status of your business succession plan? Have you revisited it since it was originally written? If not, chances are it needs to be updated. FULL STORY »

Accounting software isn’t enough

A county agent recently asked if I could recommend a good computerized recordkeeping system for a dairy producer to use. FULL STORY »

Riding out the downside

As I visit with dairy producers throughout the major milk-producing areas about the current roller coaster ride we are on, I hear a wide range of assessments. Some think the downturn is temporary and that a new government support program is necessary and inevitable. Others think this downturn could last for up to two years. FULL STORY »

Prep your income for leaner times

Baby boomers are reinventing retirement and savings plans. They are expected to live longer, play harder — and many will work part-time to help stretch their money with the hope that they will not outlive their savings. FULL STORY »

How’s your health?

Dairy farming is ranked as one of the most demanding businesses in terms of time and self-commitment, not to mention the possibility of physical injury from animals or equipment. FULL STORY »

Avoid these mistakes in estate planning

I spend a lot of time working with business succession and estate planning in agriculture. FULL STORY »

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