Van Beek Natural Science has introducd CalviRanch, a feed supplement that protects newborn calves from stress induced scours with its unique mode of action. The right balance of pectin and charcoal help remove toxins while coating the intestinal wall, thus proactively working against GI problems before they start. In addition, CalviRanch contains DFMs and enzymes, which promote digestive health.

Another advantage of CalviRanch is the easy identification that the product has been administered. When a calf receives the supplement, its manure will take on CalviRanch’s dark grey color giving the producer the validation their calves are receiving the protection they need.

CalviRanch is available in 7 pound and 15 pound pails, a 50 pound drum, and 1,000 pound totes. The product is sold through all major livestock & dairy distributors. Click here for more information.

Van Beek Natural Science is a manufacturing and service company that has been marketing feed supplements for livestock since 1984 with a history of experience in pectin and charcoal based products. 

Source: Van Beek Natural Science news release