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We are very proud to bring you a premium publication designed for today’s — and tomorrow’s — managers and employees in dairy production. According to our own extensive research, dairy producers across the country have specific needs with regards to their organizations, such as helping their employees understand why they do what they do, understanding each other´s culture better, and more. Our mission is to improve the dairy production team’s communication, job performance and satisfaction through a better understanding of the tasks, expectations and benefits that accrue to the dairy from consistent and excellent job performance.

We want to support you in taking your dairy and employees to the next level in management. So, keep an eye for relevant and timely issues of Manejo Lechero, as we bring you relevant, cutting-edge content on a range of topics, including milking management, fresh-cow management, nutrition and feeding, reproduction, personnel management and supervision, organization, cost management and safety. We also would like to take your cross-cultural understanding to the next level.

We are also excited to bring you the first-ever Hispanic Resource Center available at, where you will find many resources needed to improve, dairy management, with Hispanic employees and managers.  

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Jorge M. Estrada is editor of Manejo Lechero, and president of Leadership Coaching International, Inc.  He is an organizational development consultant, leadership coach, and trainer.