High-protein bars and shakes may be gaining in popularity.

But one expert claims they aren’t the best way to consume protein. Instead, she urges consumers to turn to natural sources of protein, such as yogurt, according to a report by "Today."

"I never recommend protein supplements. People need to be eating real food,” Katherine Tallmadge, the author of "Diet Simple" told "Today." “You can feel full or more satisfied with fewer calories."   

Many adults turn to protein bars and shakes as an easy way to reach the daily recommended amount of protein, but these products are often high in calories and sugar. They also don’t give the save “full” feeling as a well-rounded meal.

Tallmadge recommends eating yogurt to help fuel exercise and build muscle.

“Yogurt is a major protein source," Tallmadge said.

Other natural protein-packed food includes meat, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs, milk and tofu. Read more from TODAY here.

This isn’t the first time that dairy has been named as one of the best high-protein products. Chocolate milk, in particular, is a favorite among athletes after a hard workout. A 2012 study found that chocolate milk helped athletes run further thanks to its perfect mix of “high-quality protein and carbohydrates.” Read, “Runners go further with chocolate milk.”