Milk production per cow is a strong indicator of economic and production efficiency, and this year's 100-Pound Dairy Tours will highlight nine innovative, highly efficient Wisconsin dairies where 100 pounds per cow per day or higher is the norm.

Join of Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin as we learn how dairies are driving down somatic cell count, getting cows pregnant faster, culling less for reproductive failure and making cow comfort a priority. The tour schedule will highlight the following pristine dairies:

Day 1 - Tuesday, Oct. 15

Board buses and return to Target parking lot, 5300 U.S. Highway 10 (intersection of Hwy 39 & Hwy 10) Stevens Point, Wis.

  • Central Sands Dairy, Nekoosa, Wis. Maple
  • Ridge Dairy, Stratford, Wis.
  • Feltz Family Farms, Stevens Point, Wis.

Day 2 - Wednesday, Oct. 16

Board buses and return to Chippewa Valley Technical College, 11 Tiff Ave. Neillsville, Wis.

  • Harmony Ho Holsteins, Stratford, Wis.
  • JTP Farms, Dorchester, Wis.
  • Selz Farm, Humbird, Wis.

Day 3 - Thursday, Oct. 17

Board buses and return to PDPW headquarters, 820 N. Main St., Juneau, Wis.

  • Nehls Brothers Farms, Juneau, Wis.
  • Kutz Dairy, Jefferson, Wis.
  • JC-Kow Farms, Whitewater, Wis.

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