Thieves stole more than two dozen Jersey calves from a Stanislaus County, Calif., dairy over the past two weeks.

An investigation is under way while the dairy moves to prevent these rustlers from striking again.

According to KCRA News, 10 calves were stolen from a dairy farm near Hilmar, Calif., on July 1. Thieves struck again early Monday morning, nabbing 16 more calves. Read more.

Farm manager Steve Belo told CBS13 reporters that he and others on the dairy are left frustrated by the situation.

"These calves are the future of our dairy facility," Belo said. "If not for them, we don't have a future."

To reach the calves, the thieves lifted 300-pound calf hutches, leading Belo to believe that at least two people were involved in the crime.

Hilmar Farm Watch, a local watchdog group, is working to get the word about the thefts and preventing it from becoming a common occurrence in the area.

“We hope this doesn’t become a trend,” said Mike Seward, who oversees the group. “They don’t care it’s a calf. They don’t view it as a life. They view it as income and that’s sad.”

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Charlene Borrelli, one of three coordinators for Hilmar Farm Watch, told the Merced (Calif.) Sun-Star that it’s unlikely the thieves intend to sell the calves as veal. Instead, it’s likely thieves will raise them as part of a dairy herd. Read more.