Alltech brought together company experts and outside researchers to share their outlook for the future at the company's 30th annual symposium. We've assembled a collection of the most relevent presentations below:

Will we be farming from the armchair in the future?

Alltech's Dr. Karl Dawson, vice president and chief scientific officer, and Robin Johnston, Richie Seed and Feed, ask how technology can be integrated in the future. Johnston notes that there is already a "Milk Maven" app that allows producers to log in to individual pulsators in a parlor, thousands of miles away.

Feed supplies disappearing? Consider Algae

Long rumored as a potential feed source, Jules Taylor-Pickard of Alltech notes that most animals' diets lack the proper amount of the fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Algae could fill the gap, and also showed a 4 pound increase in milk production when an Alltech product was fed from days 1 to 84 in milk.

Our food supply chain is changing radically

To feed the growing world, it's not just yields and productivity that need to increase, but also entire supply chains. Alltech's Dr. Karl Dawson points to 'big data,' traceability and the way we eat is big shifts as we move towards 9 billion people on the planet.

Efficiency = Profitability + Sustainability

In a promotional presentation, Alltech's new E=P+S (efficiency = profitability + sustainability) program was shown to have improved feed efficiency on one farm in Belgium.

You can see summaries of all the presentations on Alltech's blog.