Click the photo for the full infographic.
Click the photo for the full infographic.

The secret is out — milk has something for everyone, and the Dairy Council of California wants consumers to know it.   

In celebration of national Dairy Month, the council released an infographic detailing the secrets of milk and website full of information and recipes to help consumers learn more about the “irreplaceable” product.

These “secrets” include:

  • The benefits gained from drinking milk. It helps build strong bones, boosts immunity, reduces cancer risk and lowers blood pressure. Recent studies also back up the health benefits of eating milk and dairy products. Other benefits from regularly consuming dairy products include treating obesity, fighting osteoporosis, preventing type 2 diabetes, decreasing the risk of stroke and lowering the risk for heart disease. A study released earlier this month even found the cheese does more than just tasty food – it also decreases the likelihood of developing cavities.
  • How quickly milk goes from the farm to the dairy aisle. In most cases, this process takes just two days.
  • The truth about nature’s sports beverage. Milk is made up of over 85 percent water with an ideal combination of carbohydrates, protein and nutrients to recover, rehydrate and refuel after working out. Chocolate milk in particular has been named a top recovery drink. Studies and have shown that runners who refueled with fat-free chocolate milk instead of a carbohydrate-only beverage performed better than competitors who didn’t. Even more science supports milk’s role in exercise recovery.
  • Milk’s naturally sweet and satisfying properties. Lactose, much like fructose in fruit, is milk’s natural sugar. Milk also contains casein and whey, providing a protein powerhouse in a glass. 
  • It’s the cost that can’t be beat. Milk costs about 25 cents per serving, making it a must-have kitchen staple.

“I think many consumers would be surprised to learn that milk is a local food, going from the dairy farm to the supermarket shelf in just two days,” Ashley Rosales, registered dietitian with Dairy Council of California, said in a news release. “We’re using June as a time to highlight these little-known facts to help consumers feel great about including milk and milk products in their food choices.”

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