The California Milk Processor Board’s annual Breakfast Challenge is back!

In a partnership with 21 school districts across the Golden State, the GOT MILK? Breakfast Challenge awards the campuses with the greatest breakfast participation with milk in each district $3,000 towards student activities.

"We continue to grow the GOT MILK? Breakfast Challenge year after year because school districts are on board with our message: it's important for teens to start their day right with a nutritious breakfast to fuel their bodies and minds," Steve James, executive director of the CMPB, said in a news release. "The competition creates an incentive and rewards them for their positive eating habits."

Last year, the California School Breakfast Program grew by more than 60,000 student participants. Click here for more information.

The Breakfast Challenge is more than just encouraging students to drink milk for breakfast; it also points out the importance of breakfast.

"Making sure that children get the best start to their day is part of our commitment to providing all of our children access to safe, nutritious, and well-balanced meals," Vilsack said in a news release promoting National School Breakfast Week. "Eating breakfast helps maintain a healthy weight and gives our youngest generation the greatest chance at success."

One study published earlier this year found that students who eat school breakfast scored 17.5 percent higher on standardized math tests, attended 1.5 more days of school, and were 20 percent more likely to graduate. Read more here.